Message to the Board

As the board, you are responsible for the continuity, stewardship and health of the pregnancy resource center. It will ultimately be your decision whether a partnership with Five Stone Mentoring will benefit your center.

It takes the best executives 3 months to really grasp their role, roughly 6 months to have their feet under them and a solid year to really feel confident to move forward in the ministry. Every time a center loses another director it loses traction and momentum to continue forward. The purpose of Five Stone is to not lose that time by assisting and equipping directors in their role for greater longevity.

Given the opportunity, I am confident that your center will see the benefits that many others have found through working with Five Stone Mentoring. The care offered within a pregnancy resource center is vital and crucial work, but we must continue to move forward for the pro-life ministry as a whole by keeping great leaders within the ministry.

To focus on the spiritual goals and health of the entire team.

To increase giving to your center through a strategic fundraising plan.

To teach communication and reconciliation skills with employees and volunteers.

To talk through marketing strategies for clients and donors.

Many more items to help guide you to the next level in your organization.

If you are considering a partnership with Five Stone Mentoring, I would tell you that it is worth the investment…it’s not just a financial investment, but an investment into you or your ED. I know that when my board approved my proposal with FSM, I knew they cared about me, and wanted the best for me and our center. The role of ED can be very lonely, especially in smaller centers…but with the proper education, encouragement and self-care, your ED can not only successfully leady your center, but love what she/he does as well!

Cassie Walden

Executive Director

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